Saturday, June 18, 2011

Notes from Fortieth Playtest

Dan & Ashley. Well, mostly just Ashley,
you see Dan every playtest.
A teaching game with Dan and his girlfriend Ashley. She may have just learned this game, but she's no newbie gamer. In fact, she won with what I think is the highest single score I've seen in this game, 40 points. And that includes the games we played when equipment was free.

The cards will need text. Current prototypes are just numbers and sketches. But I want to keep it to just a sentence or two. I think the Torch can be stripped down to just fending off animals. It's still worth the 2 points, and won't require as much explanation.

40 points!
Rules We Tried
I taught the new scouting rules, but they didn't come into play. I'll keep them a round for a few more playtests, I think they're going to be important as a catch-up mechanism.

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